Is BOM a cruelty-free brand?

We sure are! This means our lashes are only made with synthetic blended fibres. None of our lashes are created by or tested on animals.

Are BOM lashes vegan?

Yes. Our lashes are made from PBT synthetic fibers.



How long should the lashes last?

BOM lashes can last up to 20+ wears providing you take care of them in-between wears and store them correctly back in the BOM box.

What are the lashes made out of?

Our lashes are made from a premium PBT fibre which is a luxury synthetic material that is as soft as the natural lashes on your own eye lids.

What are the lash names?



What inspired the lash names?

At Beauty On Mars, we support strong independent women and wanted each lash to represent motivational kick ass names.

What is the difference between the glam range and natural range?

We have 10 GLAM lashes are designed for the BOM Babe who dares to be extra and wants to stand out in the crowd.
These come in our fab diamond square box.

7 NATURAL lashes are designed to add an extra sparkle to your daytime look adding a subtle finish to your makeup.

These come in our cute pod boxes.




How do I apply false eyelashes?

1. ✨  Measure the false lash against your own lash. If the lash is a little too long, trim slightly at the thickest end.

2.✨  Pop a tiny bit of mascara on your natural lashes. This ensures lash adhesion and protects your own natural lashes.

3.✨  Prep the glue. This means pop glue along the false lash line, let this go tacky for about 30 seconds. Don’t use too much glue, less is often more with this step

4. ✨  Use tweezers to apply the lash towards the centre of your eye. Fix roughly on your lashes then fix both corners afterwards. Move the lash to fit nicely on-top of your lashes but you can also move left or right depending on your eye shape.

5. ✨  Let the lash settle whilst doing the opposite eye and then come back to it to make sure they are both fixed in place the same

6.✨  Wear your lash, look fabulous, take pics and remember to tag us #beautyonmars

How do I clean the lashes?

Remove lash at the end of your event, store facing up and clean with a cotton bud and saline solution & reuse up to 20+ times.

Is lash adhesive included in all lashes?

Yes, every lash comes with its own glue, suitable to pop in your handbag for your occasion.

What is the best removal process?

Remove the lash from the outside corner in and try not to fall asleep in the lashes as this can damage them.

Can I get BOM lashes wet?

We suggest you try not to get the lashes wet and this can damage and mishape the lash.

Can I apply mascara to the lashes?

We recommend not to apply mascara directly to the lashes. If you wanted a more full lash look, we suggest you pick a heavier, fuller lash.

Are the lashes going to harm my own lashes?

Your lashes should never be damaged providing you apply and remove them correctly.



Would BOM be interested in collaborating with like-minded brands, MUAs and other businesses?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us at info@beautyonmars.com for more information.

Is BOM interested in supplying my brand with giveaways to help mutually support like-minded businesses?

Yes, of corse. We are always open to business collaborations. Email us to get in touch with us.



Does BOM donate any products?

We are open to donations and love to select businesses based on our company values. Please contact us at info@beautyonmars.com for more information.



Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order please email info@beautyonmars.com as soon as possible. We try our best to ship out orders and once an order is dispatched we can not cancel the order. Order cancellations will be considered but cannot be guaranteed. 

How long should my order take to arrive?


Once you receive your order confirmation email, all orders are standard delivery and should arrive within 3 working days after your order has been placed. Orders placed before 12pm will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the following day. 

This means, orders placed on a Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Monday.



Once you receive your order confirmation email, all orders are standard delivery and should arrive within 3-8 business days after your order has been placed. Orders placed before 12pm will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the following day.


Where does BOM currently ship to?

We currently ship to the UK only.

Our Australia store will launch January 2022.

What are the returns and exchanges policy?

Please refer to our returns and exchange policies on our website.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept paypal, visa, debit, mastercard, apple pay, google pay and gift cards, Klarna UK and Clearpay.